Our First Post

Welcome to Prewd,

Every high street estate agent looks the same so why not change your approach with a digital-first outlook and start engaging with your core audience and customers.

At Prewd we’ve got a unique approach to how we work. We give complete flexibility and total control to YOU! 

How you may ask?,

  • Pay monthly – Pay once and receive an entire month’s access to unlimited design services.
  • Unlimited Design Requests – Create as many design requests as you’d like and we’ll get to them in a queue system. Designs are typically finished in 1-2 working days.
  • No Contracts – We’ll let you handle the contracts and we’ll focus on designing. So at any time you’re able to pause or cancel your subscription with us.
  • Add Team – Add as many team members as you’d like all under one subscription plan.
  • Need a website? – Just select our WordPress addon at checkout and get unlimited wordpress design/development/support, websites typically take between 4-8 weeks.
  • Chat to us in real time – For every request you’ll have access to a chat system enabling us to respond to any changes you may require for your design.
  • Unlimited revisions – We’ll keep working until you’re 100% satisfied with your design.

A truly turn-key design experience